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The how and who and where

We´re back to conference again!

Due to the pandemia this years conference will be held remotely. 

This is an advantage because the location restrictions don´t apply. 

The call for papers is open and we hope to get a lot of talks in from all the world.

The focus is healthcare.

Research, Defense, Lessons learned in cyberbattle as well as policy&compliance.


That said, the focus is healthcare, which should not stop you from sending your talk in if it´s not healthcare related.





The when

Time and date:

June 5th and 6th from 10 am CET to 16:30

The wtf

BSides have their own rules and we adhere to them. 


Sponsors get a package to present their brand / company / solution

!!!BUT they don´t get the participant list!!!


If your OPSEC has room for improvement, we will post Videos before the conference where we can show you how to participate anonymously. 

This is only for the remote BSides2021 🥴









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